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I can not get the AssetTicker

Rapid account: Alexcastro 7
2 years ago


I’m trying to get the AssetTicker for “Colombian peso”. I get the object from the lookup section, and this is the response:
“name”:“Colombian Peso”
Then, I use the id: 9f90a62a-d612-40e5-9a66-8782c17a5708 in the AssetTicker endpoint but the response is an empty json with response status 200 OK.

It happens the same for EUR for example. Could you help me out with this?

Rapid account: Alexcastro 7
alexcastro7 Commented 2 years ago

Thanks so much for your clarification! it has been very helpful!

Rapid account: Brave New Coin
BraveNewCoin Commented 2 years ago

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your inquiry.

The API only returns datasets for cryptocurrency assets, BNC does not provide asset tickers for fiats.

We have UUID’s for fiats because they appear at market level as the quote currency for a market pair e.g. BTC/COP.

You can find out which markets BNC tracks for the Columbian Peso as example by using the Market lookup and providing the UUID for COP as the quoteAssetId. This currently returns 7 assets for which you can then determine the pair by checking the baseAssetId in the AssetById endpoint. This shows we have BTC/COP, XRP/COP, DAI/COP, ETH/COP, BCH/COP, LTC/COP and CNX/COP.

You can use the marketID for any of these to return market pricing from the DailyOHLCV endpoint.

If you’re only looking for a USD price for the Columbian Peso or Euro then sorry, we can’t really help, you’d need to find an API provider who can give you the forex rates for that.

Hope that helps clarify.

Best regards,
Brave New Coin Support

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