Crypto Market Intraday Reference Rates

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lanfranchi10 months ago
Turkish Exchanges and PricesDear BNC, I am an academic at the University of NSW doing some research with colleagues from Oxford and Columbia. We are interested in turkish bitcoin exchanges like Sistemkoin. There don't seem to be any TRY pairs in your sample though? Thanks for your help, Peter
BraveNewCoin10 months ago
Hi Peter, Thank you for your query. Please find below the list of market pairs for TRY which also includes BTC/TRY market through our API. You can also make a request to the market-pairs endpoint in the Symbols group which returns the list of all market-pairs. id_currency,name,id_trading_currency ABYSS,The-Abyss,TRY ACT,Achain,TRY ADA,Cardano,TRY BAT,Basic-Attention-Token,TRY BCH,Bitcoin-Cash,TRY BCN,Bytecoin,TRY BEN,BitCOEN,TRY BEZ,Bezop,TRY BTC,Bitcoin,TRY BTCP,Bitcoin-Private,TRY BTG,Bitcoin-Gold,TRY BTS,BitShares,TRY BTX,Bitcore,TRY CNX,Cryptonex,TRY CVC,Civic,TRY DASH,Dash,TRY DENT,Dent,TRY DGB,DigiByte,TRY DOGE,DogeCoin,TRY DRG,Dragon,TRY ELF,aelf,TRY EOS,EOS,TRY ETC,Ethereum-Classic,TRY ETH,Ethereum,TRY FUN,FunFair,TRY GNT,Golem-Tokens,TRY GRS,Groestlcoin,TRY GVT,Genesis-Vision,TRY HXX,HexxCoin,TRY IGNIS,Ignis,TRY IOST,IOStoken,TRY IOTA,IOTA,TRY LNC,Blocklancer,TRY LTC,Litecoin,TRY MRI,Mirai,TRY MTC,Medical-Token-Currency,TRY MWAT,Red-Mwat,TRY NEO,NEO,TRY NGC,Naga-Coin,TRY NPXS,Pundi-X-Token,TRY NTY,Nexty,TRY OMG,OmiseGo,TRY PAY,TenX,TRY PIRL,Pirl,TRY PPT,Populous,TRY QTUM,Qtum,TRY RDD,ReddCoin,TRY RLX,Relex,TRY SC,Siacoin,TRY SNT,Status-Network-Token,TRY STEEM,Steem,TRY SYS,SysCoin,TRY TPAY,TokenPay,TRY TRX,Tronix,TRY USDT,Tether,TRY VET,VeChain-Token,TRY VEX,Vexanium,TRY WAX,Wax-Token,TRY WPR,WePower,TRY WRC,Worldcore,TRY WTC,Walton,TRY XEM,NEM,TRY XLM,Stellar,TRY XMR,Monero,TRY XRP,Ripple,TRY XSN,StakeNet,TRY XVG,Verge,TRY XXIN,Infinity-Economics,TRY XZC,ZCoin,TRY ZCL,Zclassic,TRY ZEC,Zcash,TRY ZRX,0x,TRY Kindly let me know if you have any questions and I am happy to assist you. Regards Brave New Coin Support
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var unirest = require('unirest');

Creating Request

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.end(function (result) {
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