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Creates a receipt rule set by cloning an existing one. All receipt rules and configurations are copied to the new receipt rule set and are completely independent of the source rule set.


Step 1: Go to Amazon Console
Step 2: Log in or create new account
Step 3: In the dropdown from your username, select 'My Security Credentials'
Step 4: On the left side, select 'Groups' and create a new Group with the necessary polices
Step 5: Create new user and assign to existing group
Step 6: After creating user you will see credentials

Test This Block

  • apiSecret
    Body parameter
    API secret obtained from Amazon.
  • apiKey
    Body parameter
    API key obtained from Amazon.

  • gear
    Required Parameters

    • originalRuleSetName
      Body parameter
      The name of the rule set to clone.
    • ruleSetName
      Body parameter
      The name of the rule set to create. The name must: Contain only ASCII letters (a-z, A-Z), numbers (0-9), periods (.), underscores (_), or dashes (-). Start and end with a letter or number. Contain less than 64 characters.
    • region
      Body parameter
    TEST Function
    CODE (NodeJS)

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