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Cover Genius Cover API Documentation

The Cover Genius XCover distribution platform enables your business to sell more insurance. With dynamic pricing and intelligent data-science optimisations, your customers get the right product at the right price. The XCover platform works with a panel of underwriters, so you can create custom policies that are relevant to your customer’s needs.XCover provides best-in-class insurance products for companies looking to sell insurance at the point of sale. We’re a licensed managing agent in 60+ countries and 50 U.S. States. We abide by all local compliance requirements and furnish daily reports to our underwriting partners including Chubb and Lloyds.

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PUTUpdate booking
GETGet quote
PUTUpdate quote
POSTCreate booking
GETGet booking
POSTCreate quote
POSTCancel booking
PUTUpdate booking

Update a booking with parameters provided in the request

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OAuth2 Authentication