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Forward & Reverse Geocoding based on OpenStreetMap data. Find a geocoordinates (latitude and longitude) for an address or use reverse geocoding to define positions for asset tracking and more.

Easy to use forward and reverse geocoding search based on OpenStreetMap data. Just add your X-RapidAPI-Key header with your apikey and use the free-form forward geocoding search or the structured forward geocoding search (e.g. for address completion, postalcode retrieval or showing your address on a map) or the reverse geocoding search for asset tracking and more.

You can use this geocoding service with any map you like, e.g. the MapTiles API here at RapidAPI.

Attribution Requirement
You have to attribute OpenStreetMap contributors (see ) as this geocoder is based on OpenStreetMap data.

For a complete documentation of all available query parameters and options, visit

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