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Easy to use forward and reverse geocoding with global data and a reliable infrastructure* for business use cases of all sizes - from small to high volume geocoding needs. (*Check for uptime information and latency of our systems worldwide.)

Just add your X-RapidAPI-Key header with your apikey provided by RapidAPI and use the free-form forward geocoding search or the structured forward geocoding search (e.g. for address completion, postcode retrieval or showing your address on a map) or the reverse geocoding endpoint for turning latitude and longitude coordinates into addresses, city or country information, for fleet management, asset tracking and more.

Hint: do not use the structured forward geocoding to provide free-form geocoding to your end-users but use the geocoding search endpoint instead.

You can use this geocoding service with any map you like, e.g. the MapTiles API here at RapidAPI.

For a complete documentation of all available query parameters and options, visit

Worldwide data
The Forward & Reverse Geocoding API uses data by OpenStreetMap contributors (see ) licensed under an ODbL. Each day, up to millions of data updates are processed by our systems for your business geocoding needs. More and more regions and cities, especially in Europe and in North America, will get you rooftop accuracy while using the Forward & Reverse Geocoding API, but please do not expect rooftop accuracy for all cities or regions of the world. You may use the free (no credit card required) Basic plan to test out the result quality of the geocoding data. Please note that we do not offer free resources for business use cases. For in production use of the Forward & Reverse Geocoding API, please subscribe to a Pro, Ultra or Mega plan. Businesses may use the free Basic plan for internal testing only (while the Basic plan is free to use for all private and hobby projects not related to business or work projects).

High volume geocoding
The Mega plan suits geocoding needs of up to a few million requests a day. If you need larger volumes of requests or have special enterprise requirements, please contact us via either RapidAPIs messaging system or by writing a mail at to get a quote for a custom plan.

Rate Limiting
Please note that the Forward & Reverse Geocoding API is bound by rate-limiting.
Requests per second are limited to a maximum of 3 (Basic plan), 9 (Pro plan), 24 (Ultra plan) or 64 (Mega plan), although the mega plan is intended for evenly distributed requests of about 42 req/s (~ 3.5 million requests/day).
If you go over that amount of requests per second, your request will be blocked with a “HTTP 429 - too many requests” error.
If you sent continuous requests, e.g. for batch geocoding, please use an exponential backoff algorithm or a token bucket algorithm to avoid “429 - Too many requests” errors.
Our tests show that for continuous frequent requests you can use up to 2 (basic plan), ~6-7 (pro plan), ~18 (ultra plan) resp. ~ 48 (mega plan) requests per second before hitting a 429 HTTP error under perfect client condition (tested by vegeta on a high performance server with low latency in the US-East). Depending on your client implementation, server and network performance/latency, your actual results may differ. Higher rate limits are available in customs offers (see High volume geocoding).

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