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Previously working code getting Invalid Request error

Rapid account: Henrikgripenberg
12 days ago

Today trying to use the map forwarding geocoding api from my script, it started producing these Invalid Request errors, without warning. Could you please explain why?

Rapid account: Henrikgripenberg
henrikgripenberg Commented 11 days ago

Okay, thank you so much. I figured there was some issue recently as it just started out of the blue, and you had not made any update on your part. Great job, now I can have my script working again.

Rapid account: Geocode Support
GeocodeSupport Commented 12 days ago

We rolled out a mitigation that fixes a wrong http header we currently get from the RapidAPI proxy if a Content-Type is set in a request (which is not needed by the way). We are still in contact with RapidAPI in finding out why they add that header since today that shouldn’t be there in the first place and hope that they fix it as well. But with our mitigation you should not see the errors anymore and get results again even while sending a Content-Type header on your GET request.

Rapid account: Geocode Support
GeocodeSupport Commented 12 days ago

Hello Henrik,
an update here brought up this error when you send a GET request including a Content-Type request header. We are working on mitigating the issue at the moment but you could also try not to send a Content-Type header in your GET requests, as that one should be used for POST (or PUT) requests that carry a payload body while a GET request should never have a body and therefore also no Content-Type header.

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