IPQ Proxy Detection and Email Verification
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IPQ Proxy Detection and Email Verification API Documentation

IPQ's Proxy Detection can detect low quality IP connections that indicate fraudulent activity such as proxies, VPNs, & Tor connections. Reduce fraud and potential chargebacks by detecting high risk IP addresses. This service is excellent for affiliate networks and advertisers that want to avoid fraudulent traffic, merchants that want to avoid chargebacks, forums that want to block spammers, and other services looking to eliminate fraudulent signups and purchases. Get 5,000 FREE monthly queries, create a free account at IPQualityScore.com.

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GETIPQ Proxy Detection
GETIPQ Email Verification
GETIPQ Proxy Detection

This service will analyze an IP address in real-time and detect if it is a proxy, VPN, or Tor connection. Our system uses a mix of honeypots, real-time blacklists, and forensic analysis to provide the most accurate proxy detection service. Give this service a try with over 5,000 free queries per month!

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDIP Address to Query if a Proxy
REQUIREDAPI Key - Obtained from Creating a Free Account at IPQualityScore.com
REQUIREDThe returned format can be in "json" or "xml"
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALOptionally pass the user agent variable to also flag bad user agents/browsers
OPTIONALAdjust the strictness of the check, with 0 being the lowest and 5 being the strictest.
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