Learn to read and write Japanese kanji
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Learn to read and write Japanese kanji API Documentation

Free API to the Kanji alive web application with CC-BY licensed language data on Japanese kanji, radicals and associated media files.

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Advanced Search
GETOnyomi reading
GETKunyomi reading
GETKanji English meaning
GETKanji stroke number
GETRadical Japanese name
GETRadical English meaning
GETRadical position
GETRadical stroke number
GETStudy list (AP exam)
GETKanji character
GETStudy list (Macquarie)
GETKanji grade level
Kanji Details
GETSingle Kanji Details
GETAll Kanji Details
Basic Search
GETBasic Search
GETKanji grade level

The Advanced Search URL parameters are described here as individual endpoints to permit per parameter testing. Parameters may be combined as required.

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