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We really appreciate your interest in

We started coupon/deal feeds in Indian market from March 2013. Since then we have been following Affiliate Networks, Store Websites, Store Newsletters, Blogs, App Notifications, Social Media posts and almost all other official sources of communications of more than 3000 e-commerce stores.

We customize this offer data for our clients and generate feeds for them in their respective file formats. This ensures minimal efforts at our customer’s end in uploading and maintaining the offers. And they can concentrate all their efforts purely on marketing and increase traffic. Our key features include:

  • Customized Feed Formats.
  • Incremental Feeds. So that you only get a list of new, updated & suspended offers since your last extract.
  • Unique content for each client.
  • Maximum monetization by including client’s own affiliate deeplinks in their feeds
  • Smartlinks to automatically monetize all your outgoing links with your preferred affiliate networks
  • Categorization of Offers into an exhaustive list of 72 categories based on widely accepted industry standards
  • And much more…

LinkMyDeals can be used to manage all your affiliate network preferences for monetization. You can enter your respective affiliate IDs in our panel, and configure which affiliate network to use for each store. We then deeplink the Offer URLs in your feed with your preferred Affiliate Network for that particular store.

Once you have made the above configurations, you can also use our Smartlinks feature to easily redirect any of the outgoing URLs via your preferred affiliate network. This ensures you don’t have to change the links on your website every time you want to switch a network. All you have to do is change the settings in our panel, and the Smartlink will now start redirecting via your new preference.

For more details see You may even go through our video intro on

Hope this clarifies our services. Do let me know if any more info is needed. As a first step towards subscription, you can see our plans and sign up from

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