Geo-Temporal Context
By LotaData
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Geo-Temporal Context API Documentation

Obtain the location-based situational context, affinity tags and relevant correlations in real-time to improve your mobile ad targeting, to increase your app monetization and to enrich your user profiles. LotaData connects the digital and physical realms by providing location-based real-time situational context to service providers, ad networks, mobile operators and app developers. We are the experts in location-based predictive technologies. We can give you the ability to predict "what is happening where and when", so you can conclude "when, where and how to target you audience". Behind the scenes, our scientists are continuously sifting through constantly changing data with our own complex algorithms to structure, classify, categorize, de-dupe, correlate, verify and geo-code the information to derive context from it.

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GETContext Firehose

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