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A bug?

8 months ago
While scanning i found a domain that is taken but was reported by API as available


but while manual checking it says its taken where is the bug laying?

MASNathan commented 8 months ago

That is completely fine, 5000 requests a day is no big deal.

The .COM, .NET and .ORG are “more forgiving”. The .NL is the one that requires some slowing down.

coolcomfort commented 8 months ago

I see. I was planning on having quite a large amount of queries on the com, net and org. I was thinking around 5,000 a day. I notice with the plan I have signed up for, it can do 150,000 a month. Is this something I will have to backpeddle on?

MASNathan commented 8 months ago

You are correct, but there are a limited number of proxy servers that are used. I just incremented the number of proxies available.

Keep in mind that this is not a full-proof fix since the .NL WHOIS server is very pesky when it comes to throttling and you might get some false positives. Although the number might be low, it is possible.

coolcomfort commented 8 months ago

I thought the purpose of an API was to get around that? Forgive me if i’m misunderstanding, but what makes this API different than querying who is servers on my own?

MASNathan commented 8 months ago

Hi. thank you for reaching out. That happens because the WHOIS server that we are querying is returning the following message: “maximum number of requests per second exceeded”.

While we don’t limit the amount of requests that you can do to our API, some WHOIS servers migth have a limit. If you are querying different TLDs that’s not a problem, but if you are only checking the details on a few TLDs you need to consider limiting the amount of requests per second/minute.

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