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MapTiles Overview

Use our Map Tiles with English, French or Spanish labels based on OpenStreetMap data for your online map or your app map or your desktop software application like QGIS et al.

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MapTiles API

Map tiles in English, map tiles en Français or map tiles en Español - all from one Map API for your web or mobile map application.

With the MapTiles API you can display a planet-covering map on 19 zoom levels.

The raster map tiles rendered and hosted by MapTiles API are based on OpenStreetMap data, licensed under an Open Common Open Database License.

You can choose between English, French or Spanish labeled tiles to provide the best usability for your target audience.

Test the different language endpoints with e.g. z=3, x=6 and y=3 to see these English, French or Spanish labels in action.

Example (French labels for European and North African countries):

If the labels from OpenStreetMap data do not provide an English, French or Spanish translation for local names and the local label is written in a non-latin script, transcription from the original label is used for display on the map tiles.

You may as well choose the standard tiles with labels in local language (places in Russia labeled in Russian cyrillic, etc.) as known from OpenStreetMap. This style is best suited if you just need tiles for a bounded, limited map with an area in your country for a local audience from your country.

The rendered tiles use the webmercator projection and follow the standard filenaming convention for xyz tiles for slippy maps.

All tiles are served as 256px*256px png files through the MapTiles API tile cdn with edge servers on different continents for fast delivery and low latency.

The MapTiles API can be used as a TileLayer for map frameworks like Leaflet or OpenLayers, different app frameworks for maps or in desktop software applications like QGIS et al.

Don't hesitate to contact MapTiles API through RapidAPIs messaging system (see "contact API provider") or the discussion board for the MapTiles API here on RapidAPI if you have any further questions on how to use the MapTiles API.

Private enterprise plans are available upon request. Please message us to get a quote stating your expected volume needed and use case.

Attribution Requirement

Please note that under the Terms of Service you have to attribute OpenStreetMap contributors by applying the following attribution visibly and easily readable attached to any map display using the provided maptiles while linking the term "OpenStreetMap" or "OpenStreetMap contributors" to "https://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright". Example attribution including link:

"Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors."

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