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TileLayer Endpoint URL

After you have subscribed to a plan, you can download map tiles by using the following TileLayer URL:

Your request must include your RapidAPI-key either by sending an extra request header:

  • X-RapidAPI-Key: [your_rapidapi_key]

or by using a query parameter:

The tile naming schema follows the standards as used by Google maps or OpenStreetMap for slippy map tile names:

  • {z} for zoom, a value from 0 to 19
  • {x} with a value between 0 and 2^zoom -1
  • {y} with a value between 0 and 2^zoom -1

The Offline MapTiles API serves tiles as a 256px times 256px png file.

Maximum download rates per plan and zoom level

The Offline MapTiles API allows the following maximum download rates per second (rps) based on your plan and zoom level of a tile request.

max rps on zoom 0 to 14 20 40 60 80
max rps on zoom 15 to 19 10 20 30 40
burst rate (for 1 sec. max on zoom 0 to 14) 40 80 120 160

If you don’t respect these rate-limits, you may receive a “429 - too many requests” or a “404 - file not found” HTTP error. Your access to the Offline MapTiles API may also get blocked temporarily. In this case you’ll have to contact the Offline MapTiles API support stating by what measure you changed your code to respect those limits in the future to get unblocked again.

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