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Lemmatization, PoS and Parsing is the name of MeaningCloud’ API for the different basic linguistic modules.

It covers the different aspects of the morphosyntactic and semantic analysis, allowing to use the information through different modes:

  • Lemmatization: provides the lemmas of the different words in a text.
  • PoS tagging: provides not only the grammatical category of a word, but also all the possible grammatical categories in which a word of each specific PoS type can be classified (check the tagset associated). In the cases it applies, the morphological analysis will be related to a semantic analysis.
  • Syntactic analysis: provides a thorough syntactic analysis, giving a complete syntactic tree where the leaves represent the most basic elements and their morphological and semantic analyses.

This API can be configured so that the same topics that are extracted by the Topics Extraction API are included in the corresponding node on the syntactic tree, allowing the user to combine this extraction with syntactic information to detect patters in a text. The current supported languages are Spanish, English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Catalan.


  • The high configurability provided by the API allows to adjust its behavior to very diverse operating scenarios, not only to obtain exactly the type of information relevant to the user, but also to cover different source formats, languages and even language registers.
  • Recognizes names of people, organizations… and a hierarchy of 200 entity types.
  • It can be combined easily with other APIs.
  • Disambiguates and detects co-occurrences in several languages.
  • User can create its own dictionaries.
  • FREE for up to 20,000 requests per month.

More information at https://www.meaningcloud.com/developer/lemmatization-pos-parsing

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