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Sentiment Analysis API Overview

Multilingual sentiment analysis of texts from different sources (blogs, social networks,…). Besides polarity at sentence and global level, Sentiment Analysis uses advanced natural language processing techniques to also detect the polarity associated to both entities and concepts in the text. Sentiment Analysis also gives the user the possibility of detecting the polarity of user-defined entities and concepts, making the service a flexible tool applicable to any kind of scenario. Additionally, Sentiment Analysis detects if the text processed is subjective or objective and if it contains irony marks [beta], both at global and sentence level, giving the user additional information about the reliability of the polarity obtained from the sentiment analysis.

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MeaningCloud's Sentiment Analysis API

Identifies the positive/negative/neutral polarity conveyed by any text, including comments in surveys and social media. It also extracts sentiment at a document and aspect-based level. In order to do this, the local polarity of the different sentences in the text is identified and the relationship between them evaluated, resulting in a global polarity value for the whole text.


  • Extracts aspect- based sentiment.
  • Discriminates opinions and facts.
  • Detects polarity disagreement and irony (beta).
  • User can create its own sentiment models.
  • FREE for up to 20,000 requests per month

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