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Affordable or Budget-friendly Pricing with free plan. Syntax Verifier MyEmailVerifier checks each email address syntactically with IETF standards. Once a syntax error (such as spacing or missing domain) is found, our system removes the email address from your mailing list instantly. Identify Domain-MX Record Domain/MX Record Checker MyEmailVerifier can also identify domains that are invalid, inactive, or parked, and then remove such emails from your list accordingly. If an email address doesn't have a valid mail exchanger, our system also detects it. Catch-All Detector When our email verification system detects an email address that receives all emails addressed to a non-existing or incorrect address for a domain, the system marks it as a catch-all. Such email addresses are known to reduce open rates and cause problems with ESP. Temporary Unavailability Detector Owing to the deep-level SMTP verification MyEmailVerifier performs on each and every email address, we detect temporary unavailability with ease. Such email addresses are excluded from receiving emails until they're available. Detects Role-Based Email Addresses Role Account Detector MyEmailVerifier detects role-based email addresses that are not associated with a person but an organization, group, business, brand, etc. Such email addresses are excluded from receiving emails because they affect deliverability rate. Validate Yahoo Emails Improved Yahoo Emails Validation MyEmailVerifier has improved validation for yahoo email addresses. Not only free Yahoo addresses but also business email using Yahoo as email service. Free Domain Checker Email verification engine detects if the email belongs to free domain e.g. gmail.com,yahoo.com). The quick detection of the free domain in real-time. SMTP Response Detailed SMTP Response Complete response from SMTP server with exact reason of the rejection and diagnostic details. The detailed SMTP response displays the exact reason of the invalid status of the email address. Real-time API High Performance Real-time API Get the email address validated before it reach to your email list with our faster and easy to integrate API with instant validation so you can directly integration on registration forms of the website. Greylist Domain Detection Reduce the deliverability issues with new anti-greylisting technology identify the greylisting enabled domains and reduce the repeated SMTP connection requests. Lowest TurnAround Time Full Assurance of the faster processing of the high volume email lists in the lowest turnaround time. The faster processing capability ensures that you get the email list validated within the lowest turnaround time.
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