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Reverse Geocoding (City places lookup, Location distance, Is-on-Water)

The API will return nearest or largest cities within a given radius range (meter) for any location with latitude/longitude values.

The process of translating a location on the map into a human-readable address, is known as reverse geocoding. Instead of supplying a textual address, supply latitude and longitude as parameters.

Returns nearest or largest city info for any lat/long geo coordinate within a defined radial range:

City, Population, Distance, Bearing (Degrees), Compass Direction (16-wind compass rose), Country, Time zone, GMT Offset

Returns distance between any two locations:

Distance meter, Distance km, Distance miles, Bearing (Degrees), Compass Direction (16-wind compass rose), Start Country, Destination Country

Returns timezone, time and offsets for location:

Retrieves timezone name, id and information for given coordinate location.

Returns location “Is-On-Water” check:

Retrieves whether a geo coordinate is on water on sea or lake or not. Return true/false and information is sea or lake.

Database Info

Database contains worldwide cities with a population > 5000.
City population data is based on 2023.

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