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Botometer Pro API Package

Botometer checks the activity of a Twitter account and gives it a score based on how likely the account is to be a bot. Higher scores are more bot-like. This is the pro version of our Botometer API; we also have a free version that doesn't require a credit card.

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Mustabsar: Using Pro API
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chris93t: Botometer Python Research Project for PhD
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kholodovval: Authorized on Twitter via https request
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shc558: reducing time for download
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shc558: Need more information about the subscription plan
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Vitor-Martins: 502 Server Error: Proxy Error for url: https://osome-botometer.p.mashape.com/2/check_account
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Helene: Research Project
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shishong78: Pricing Inquiry: ~1.27 Million Users
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betatek: API Error Response Help
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Botometer Pro Overview

As compared to the Free API, this Pro API provides a paid tier with significantly higher rate limits: 43,200 requests per day for the pro tier, and 17,280 per day for the basic tier. These rate limit tiers reflect Twitter Search API's user-authenticated and app-authenticated ratelimits, respectively.

Users of the basic tier do not incur a monthly fee if they stay below the daily quota; both tiers enable users to exceed their daily quota for $1/1k requests. Users are free to switch between the plans at will without having to change the endpoint in their code.

Besides significantly higher ratelimits, the pro API does not currently offer any additional functionality as compared to the free API, but that may change in the future.

For answers to questions about the Botometer service in general, please refer to our website's FAQ. For more info on the Mashape API specifically, please refer to our free API documentation for help.

Botometer Pro
$ / m
We will charge your card every month for the plan amount, as well as any overages incurred in the previous month.

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