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API is not providing all league matches details

Rapid account: Bet Me
6 months ago

This Api is not providing all leagues upcoming mathces like NBA, NHL, MLB etc

any suggestions?

Rapid account: Bet Me
BetMe Commented 6 months ago

Mate, I need upcoming matches data of these leagues in my API, NHL, MLB, NFL and NBA, and rn I’m only getting MLB data.
please look into this asap

Rapid account: Sportspage Feeds
SportspageFeeds Commented 6 months ago

Hi, I just made the upcoming NBA and NHL seasons visible in the API.

If you need games beyond the current day, make sure you’re using the “date” parameter in the query, such as: /games?league=mlb&date=2022-09-20

If something still appears to be missing, please let us know.

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