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ThumbsAPI API Documentation

The Thumbs API allows developers to produce scalable, high-resolution thumbnails. A variety of size and image options are available, and the global cache always gets the latest version of a website. Users can select a custom image to display when the thumbnail is not accessible. All thumbnails are hosted in a cloud network to speed up load times. This API can be used with an unlimited number of websites and is compatible with both SSL and non-SSL sites.

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GET/?url={domain_name}&cache= {cache_interval}&delay={delay_interval}&size={size_letter}
GET/?url={domain_name}&cache= {cache_interval}&delay={delay_interval}&size={size_letter}

This returns an thumbnail of the requested website

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIRED- Enter the required domain name for which thumbnail should be generated. The domain name MUST include http:// or https://. Some of the valid examples are, Even queries like are supported provided the link is public.
Optional Parameters
OPTIONAL- The interval in milliseconds for which the script will wait before rendering a thumbnail of the webpage. This is an optional parameter. Default: 200 Milliseconds | Range: 1-10000 (Inclusive)
OPTIONAL- The interval in days for which the image will be cached. This is an optional parameter. Default:15 | Range: 1-15 (Inclusive)
OPTIONAL- This indicates the required size of the thumbnail. There are various size letters which are as follows - s => 200x133 - m => 330x220 - l => 450x300 - el => 550x367. This is an optional parameter. Default value: m
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