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TidalWaves News Analytics Overview

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This API provides an easy to use schema for breaking news, so you can build apps that perform in-depth data mining and robust visualizations.

  • Global news coverage. See all articles revolving around geopolitics, big tech news, and cultural discourse.

  • Machine learning topic modeling. Every batch of articles is run through the model to identify the top breaking stories.

  • Accurate, sanitized data. Our data pipeline cleans and transforms the raw data from GDELT to make it easy to use and salient.

  • Hundreds of thousands of categorized keywords. Search for themes, people, organizations, or anything else.

  • Geographical locations tied to each article. Pinpoint breaking stories to locations with coordinates, tags, and country codes.

  • Updated every 15 minutes. As close to real-time as you can get with this vast range of sources.


We import news article metadata from thousands of local and national sources around the world through the GDELT project, the largest database of online news media in the world.

The data is abstracted by transforming, cleaning, and tokenizing the raw entries to provide titles, urls, sentiments, the latest trending stories, 1,000s of locations, 100,000s of new searchable keywords, and more.

All data is transformed to comply with ISO standards, reduce duplication, and maximize salience.

Fetching the latest data

  1. Poll GET /batches/latest to recognize updates to the data. Once you see a new batch come in:
  2. Call GET /stories/latest and GET /articles/latest to get stories and articles.
  3. If you also require keywords and locations use the withKeywords or withLocations flags.

Error Codes

  • Authentication errors:
401 - Forbidden
  • Validation errors:
400 - [{{validation_error_string}}]
  • ID not found errors:
404 - No {{object}} with id {{id}}
  • Endpoint not found errors:
404 - Not Found
  • Server failures:
500 - Something went wrong

View the full documentation at: https://docs.tidalwaves.io

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