E-mail Check Invalid or Disposable Domain
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E-mail Check Invalid or Disposable Domain API Documentation

Easily check if a certain e-mail address is valid. Is it a valid domain? Is the e-mail a temporary/disposable e-mail? That's a common indicator of spamming/trolling, so now there's an API for you so you can easily block it!

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Check if e-mail domain is valid, or a disposable/temporary address. Invalid domains (typos, non-responding mailserver, etc) will return "valid: false", "block: true". Disposable e-mail domains will return "valid: true" (since it's a valid domain), but "block: true" and "disposable: true".

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
REQUIREDFull e-mail, or domain to check if valid or temporary/disposable. You can enter an e-mail address, and it will be converted to a domain, but entering just the domain is recommended for user privacy reasons.
Optional Parameters
OPTIONALIf this parameter is set to true, no connection test will be made to the mail server. This can greatly increase the speed of the validation, but will mark some domains which are missing a MX-pointer, and don't respond to port 25, as valid, which they potentially aren't. This does not affect disposable domain detection at all, just the validity of domains which are missing an MX-pointer.
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