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Flight Data API Documentation

Travelpayouts Data API – the way to get travel insights for your site or blog. Get flight price trends and find popular destinations for your customers.

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Flight Data API v1
GETNon-stop tickets
GETThe popular directions from a city
GETTickets for each day of month
GETPopular airline routes
GETCheapest tickets
GETCheapest tickets grouped by month
Flight Data API json files
GETAirline data in json format
GETCity data in json format
GETAirplane data in json format
GETAlliance data in json format
GETAirport data in json format
GETData of countries in json format
GETData on the routes in json format
Flight Data API v2
GETThe prices for the alternative directions
GETThe calendar of prices for a month
GETSpecial offers
GETThe prices for the airline tickets
GETThe calendar of prices for a week
GETNon-stop tickets

Returns the cheapest non-stop tickets for the selected route with departure/return date filters.


Every request requires authentication. To confirm your identity please pass this token using the X-Access-Token HTTP header.

Header Parameters

Your affiliate token, which you can find on the Developers page (http://www.travelpayouts.com/developers/api).

Code Snippet
Install SDK

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

OAuth2 Authentication
Client ID
Client Secret
OAuth2 Authentication