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Api quetions

2 years ago

Hello , thanks for your quick reply on my previous question
I have a question in order to continue developing my project:

  1. what is meant by affliateID value is it apiToken or marker since i’m using search api for mobile apps and need to search tickets but the marker doesn’t work and it displays the app on play store instead of tickets
    when using this endpoint: https://www.jetradar.com/android/?marker=AffiliateID

so how to get the affiliate id

  1. what is the difference between search forms and flight search api? if i want to develop an android app is affiliate link is enough or i should access the flight search api by provider request.

please give me a quick answer so i can indicate my next step of my developing journey

Thanks in advance

abanob-atef-roshdy commented 2 years ago

can you reply on my question please

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