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By VanitySoft
Updated 2 months ago
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uk.boundaries.io API Overview

UK Postal Code(ex. ZE1 0AE), Sector, District, Boundaries API:

A simple & very fast API that will allow you to integrate multiple GeoJson UK Unit and sector level boundaries result into your apps and systems.

This API is designed to be used programatically for optimal performance. When using the MashApe UI for queries expect significant latency issues on large result sets!

Contact API Provider

UK Postal Sector boundaries as GeoJson

Test the API

Copy and paste the results here: http://geojsonlint.com to see a sample of how to integrate with googlemaps. This API is designed to be used programatically for optimal performance. When using the MashApe UI for testing queries expect significant latency issues and "API not responding errors", or Downloading hangs at 100% (MashApe UI) on large result sets. By Removing the limit parameter sets no limit in the number of postal units to process returned for your query.

This does not happen with direct calls to the API.

NO HARVESTING ,or you account will be blocked. Please do not attempt to harvest data via the API:

Here is an example query!:

Image of the results in GooleMap:

if you find ANY inaccuracies or have feature requests please contact us:
[email protected]

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Install SDK for NodeJS


To utilize unirest for node.js install the the npm module:

$ npm install unirest

After installing the npm package you can now start simplifying requests like so:

var unirest = require('unirest');

Creating Request

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.end(function (result) {
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