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Time, Date, & Timezone Overview


Abstract’s Time, Date, and Timezone API is a simple, powerful, and lightweight REST API that can identify the current time, timezone, and other details from a given location (via the /current_time API endpoint), or convert the time from one location to another at the current time or at some point in the past or future (via the /convert_time endpoint).

For example, using the /current_time endpoint, you could request the current time of “Los Angeles, CA” or of the longitude and latitude of -118.243683 / 34.052235 (also of Los Angeles) or a given IP address, and the IP would return the current time, timezone, and other details for that location.

Similarly, using the /convert_time endpoint, you should submit “Los Angeles, CA”, a time in the past, present, or future, and “Paris, FR”, and the API would return what the time will be in Paris, France when it is the specified time in Los Angeles, CA.

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