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The largest open video games database

There are two types of companies: hoarders and givers. RAWG is the largest video game database and game discovery service. And we are gladly sharing our 350,000+ games, search, and machine learning recommendations with the world. Learn what the RAWG games database API can do and build something cool with it!

Why build on RAWG

  • More than 350,000 games for 50 platforms including mobiles.
  • Rich meta tags, genres, developers, publishers, individual creators, official websites, release dates, Metacritic ratings.
  • Where to buy: links to digital distribution services
  • Similar games based on visual similarity.
  • Player activity Steam average playtime and RAWG player counts and ratings.
  • Actively developing and constantly getting better by user contribution and our algorithms.


  • Free for personal and developer use as long as you attribute RAWG as the source of the data and/or images with an active hyperlink from every page where RAWG’s data is used.
  • Free for commercial use by startups and small projects (under 100K MAU or 500K PV/Month). If you larger than that email us at api@rawg.io for terms.
  • No cloning. It would not be cool if you used our API to launch a clone of RAWG. We know it is not always easy to say what is a duplicate and what isn’t. Drop us a line at api@rawg.io if you are in doubt, and we will talk it through.
  • Every API request should have a User-Agent header with your app name. If you don’t provide it, we may ban your requests.

API Wrappers

All of the libraries are contributed by our users. If you find a bug or missing feature, it’s best to contact the author. If you want to submit your wrapper, contact us via api@rawg.io


If you have any questions about our API — we’d love to help. Reach out to us on our Discord, tweet at @rawgtheworld or email us at api@rawg.io.