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This API determines the astrological compatibility, known as ‘synastry’, of two or more people.

Synastry is simply the term for astrological compatibility. As your life progresses, so too does your birth chart by way of a phenomenon known as secondary progressions.

Progressed synastry is very important for short-term partner matching since it strongly influences the current reality between two people. However, for the deepest relationships, as well as the long-term view, the natal-to-natal has to be taken into account. The Starlove algorithms calculate natal-to-natal synastry and include the influences as a bias when prioritizing lists of potential matching partners.

The Love, Intellectual and Physical ratings are calculated using the current (progressed) synastry, i.e the sum of the natal-to-progressed and progressed-to-natal charts. The default algorithm returns the best Overall rating of these three factors, although it does take into account other aspects involving areas such as aesthetic appreciation and spirituality.

This web service API can be used by dating websites to dynamically prioritize their output lists of scientifically derived compatibility matches.

By way of input parameters, it enables the processing application to focus on the type of compatibility that might be requested, e.g. love, physical, intellectual, etc. Even things like how good a person is for your career or shared interests in sport, art/aesthetics, spirituality can be quantified.

How to Use the API

The program can currently prioritize up to 10 matches per person processed, but this can easily be increased to 20 or 30 if required.

Example of the $_GET format required to call the API

?name=Brad Pitt&dob=12/18/1963&name1=Angelina Jolie&dob1=06/04/1975&name2=Jennifer Aniston&dob2=02/11/1969&name3=Gwyneth Paltrow&dob3=9/27/1972&name4=Charlize Theron&dob4=8/07/1975&sort=O&NC=C&ryr=2022&details=N&coupon=12345678’;

The default sort parameter, “O”, returns the general compatibility based on Love, Intellectual and Physical criteria

Advanced Parameters:
sort: O=Overall, L=Love, I=Intellectual, P=Physical | NC: N=Natal, C=Current, B=Both | ryr: Year to process | coupon: payment code

It is therefore possible to sort the list of potential matches in order of love, intellectual or physical compatibility, e.g. it can answer questions like, 'Who will I get on with most on an intellectual basis?" or “who is the hottest sex partner in the list?”.

Using the advanced parameters gives you the ability to sort the matched persons

Example of the JSON data returned

[{“name”:“Jennifer Aniston”,“love”:“5.11”,“intellectual”:“4.26”,“physical”:“2.38”,“strength”:“11.75”,“bad”:“2.39”,“overall”:“5.51”},{“name”:“Charlize Theron”,“love”:“4.65”,“intellectual”:“2.05”,“physical”:“2.42”,“strength”:“9.12”,“bad”:“2.80”,“overall”:“3.19”},{“name”:“Angelina Jolie”,“love”:“1.67”,“intellectual”:“3.35”,“physical”:“2.54”,“strength”:“7.56”,“bad”:“4.66”,“overall”:“0.63”},{“name”:“Gwyneth Paltrow”,“love”:“3.45”,“intellectual”:“2.68”,“physical”:“0.00”,“strength”:“6.13”,“bad”:“10.52”,“overall”:"-7.70"}]

Example of a PHP/CURL procedure to decode the content

client=curlinit(client = curl_init(url);
curl_setopt(client,CURLOPTRETURNTRANSFER,true);client,CURLOPT_RETURNTRANSFER,true); response = curl_exec(client);//vardump(jsondecode(client); //var_dump(json_decode(response)); // Object
//var_dump(json_decode(response,true));//Associativearray//printr(response, true)); // Associative array //print_r(response); // view
json=(jsondecode(json = (json_decode(response, true));

for($i = 0; i<count(i < count(json); $i++){
obj[obj[i] = (Array)json[json[i];
echo obj[obj[i][‘name’];
echo obj[obj[i][‘love’];
echo obj[obj[i][‘intellectual’];
echo obj[obj[i][‘physical’];
echo obj[obj[i][‘strength’];
echo obj[obj[i][‘bad’];
echo obj[obj[i][‘overall’];

The API is free to use at this stage. The aim is to allow users to run the first hundred API requests for free, thereafter a purchase of credits will be required. The cost will be 1 cent US to prioritize each person (each with their list of up to 10 matches).

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