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Webcam Eyetracking Event Classification System (WEECS).
Classify your gaze data into fixations or saccades.

This API can classify webcam eyertracking data timeseries objects into fixations or saccades using Adsata’s classification algorithm (titled: WEECS).

Saccades are the type of eye movement used to move the fovea rapidly from one point of interest to another, while a fixation is the period of time where the eye is kept aligned with the target for a certain duration, allowing for the image details to be processed.

WEECS uses spation temporal charateristics of the gaze data to classify each gaze point as a fixation or saccade in relation to other gaze points. The result of this api are gaze point as objects witha “label” field that determines whether the gaze point is a fixation or saccade.

Any one and any application can send data to the API and received classified data from WEECS.

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