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Success Rate API Overview aggregates data from aircraft receivers worldwide using ADS-B and MLAT (multilateration). This data is broadcast by most aircraft, unencrypted on 1090 Mhz by aircraft worldwide. If we have a receiver in the area, that data is available here, via this API. Commercial entities, government agencies, and government contractors may not use the data via this API. If that describes you or your organization, please contact us at for other data options. This API is made available for personal, non-commercial use only.

A live map of all coverage and planes can be viewed on ADSBexchange depends on local receivers run by the general public to obtain this data. If you would like to contribute, please review for more information. If you are in an especially remote or non-covered area, ADSBexchange may be willing to sponsor the necessary equipment.

Unlike the vast majority of similar flight tracking sites, ADSBexchange does not censor it's data. That means that even FAA "blocked" aircraft, and military aircraft are available for tracking if they are broadcasting their position on 1090mhz.
== If you are already feeding ADSBexchange, please contact us. Free, or alternative data is available to feeders. This API is primarily for non-feeders. ==

This data is not to be used for, or in any products supporting the trading of financial products for profit.
This data is not for use in any government, military, or product where a government agency is the end customer.
This data may not be used to support illegal activity.
Absolutely no re-sale or redistribution of this data is permitted.

If your use case requires any of the above, or especially high-volumes of data, please contact us at for other available options.

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This API is brand new. Additional features and descriptions are coming. If you have requests, let us know.
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