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Is it good for my case?

Is an enthusiast-driven API good for your case? Well, that depends!

We don’t have the worldwide coverage or the best possible quality, but in exchange, we provide this API at rates much lower than average on the market.
If you’re developing a small aviation or hospitality application or website that doesn’t have much demand for data precision and quality, our API may be just right for you as it helps you to avoid significant charges billed by bigger companies.
However, you are discouraged to use our API for mission-critical products, and even NOT ALLOWED if your product is involved with real-life aircraft operations or navigation!
Read more in our FAQ and Terms of Use .


How it Works


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Flight API

  • FIDS / Schedules: departures and arrivals per airport
  • Flight status and information found by flight number, ATC call-sign, aircraft registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S address (nearest or on a specific date)
  • Flight departure dates found by flight number, ATC call-sign, aircraft registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S address
  • Flight delay statistics by flight number

Subscription / PUSH API

Web-hook PUSH API. Get your web endpoint called when a flight is updated. Subscribe by flight number or airport.

Airport API

  • Airport found by IATA/ICAO code
  • Airport runways
  • Nearest airports found by location
  • Airports free-text search (auto-complete)
  • Local time at an airport
  • Airport delays (current, historical, historical period)
  • Global delays (current, historical)
  • Airport daily routes statistics
  • Calculate distance & flight time between airports

Aircraft API

  • Airline fleet: aircraft list by airline code
  • Aircraft information found by ID, registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S address
  • Aircraft history of registrations found by ID, registration or 24-bit ICAO Mode-S address
  • Aircraft image found by registration
  • Aircraft information found by photo

Healthcheck & Status API

  • endpoints to check which level of data coverage is supported and/or active at the moment for an airport.

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