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Incorrect UTC offset

Rapid account: Tierone
il y a 5 mois

It seems that flight data for airports in the Eastern timezone is using an incorrect UTC offset. For example, this is flight DL 804 DTW-LAS, but it affects all flights:

scheduledTimeLocal:"2022-10-19 08:54-05:00"
scheduledTimeUtc:“2022-10-19 13:54Z”

The local time itself is correct (the flight departs at 8:54am EDT) but the correct offset is -04:00, which means scheduledTimeUtc should actually be “2022-10-19 12:54Z”.

Rapid account: Aerodatabox
aerodatabox Commented il y a 5 mois


Another customer has already reported a similar problem just recently and we have resolved the problem. Yet, please allow some time before all flights in our DB are checked and fixed if timezone was set incorrectly. This process is automatic and may take a couple of days. The particular flight you reported (and all flights from/to DTW as well) seem to have been fixed already.

Please do let us know if you find similar issues again.

For further inquires please contact us directly via private messages or via e-mail, as we are not receiving notifications about discussions opened here.


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