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withLocation parameter doesn't seem to work

Rapid account: Daniel 2 I Ddb BVU 5
5 months ago

In the API request to get a flight by number, when I set the withLocation query parameter to true, I don’t get anything added to the API response.

Rapid account: Daniel 2 I Ddb BVU 5
daniel-2iDdbBVU5 Commented 5 months ago

Thanks for the reply.

You mention Flight Location, but I can’t find this endpoint in your API docs, is this not documented? Or did I misunderstand what you meant?

Rapid account: Aerodatabox
aerodatabox Commented 5 months ago

Our API isn’t really designed to properly report real-time positions of aircraft. Flight location is, therefore, a very raw beta feature, as it’s subject to coverage of our ADS-B data, which is limited. Most of the times we use ADS-B data to augment our flight records with additional information like aircraft regs, callsigns, etc. rather than reporting real-time location. Nevertheless we keep the possibility to return the flight location open, when it is possible.

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