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  • Using advanced adversarial generative network technology, we can break through the “next generation wall” with one click, retain user features in multiple dimensions to achieve the effect of a thousand faces, and with a variety of comic style image migration, we can generate highly cute comic faces with artistic beauty for users.
  • Based on the stylized special effects solution-EffectGAN with small sample generation technology, the intelligent creation team creates a variety of special effects. Among them, 3D effects make the user’s image more spatially three-dimensional, and the 3D cartoon style provided this time can generate 3D effects one-to-one.
  • Cartoon yourself is mainly focused on transforming a photo or characters in a photo into a cartoon effect. If you want to create a cartoon image based on a photo, you can go to AI Cartoon Generator.

Application scenarios

  • Protect privacy: To protect the privacy of the people in the image, cartoonizing the people can avoid identifying who the original people are.
  • Social entertainment: turn your photos into cartoon characters, shape a cute atmosphere, and share them with your friends with illustrations.
  • Personalized avatar: Help users generate secondary cartoon images with personality characteristics, which can be used in the avatar scene of Internet applications.
  • Interactive marketing: activity scenarios such as festivals, exhibitions, marketing promotions, etc., attract users to interact, participate as well as share.

Features and advantages

  • Reproduce character expressions: Based on deep learning algorithm, it recognizes character gender, expressions and other features and restores them on cartoon avatars.
  • Full body cartoon: Compared to face cartoon, it can avoid embarrassing scenes such as laughing.
  • Multi-person mode: It can handle couple photos, family photos, and group type photos.
  • Excellent algorithm: Based on massive data training and polishing of actual business scenarios, the effect is excellent.
  • Realistic image: Multi-dimensional preservation of user characteristics defines two major features of delicate beauty and extreme beauty of portrait caricature image.
  • Business-driven: The algorithm continues to iterate in response to business needs, helping to optimize the effect continuously.

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