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REST Countries Overview
Get all the countries information as : "name": "Afghanistan", "capital": "Kabul", "altSpellings": [ "AF", "Afġānistān" ], "relevance": "0", "region": "Asia", "subregion": "Southern Asia", "translations": { "de": "Afghanistan", "es": "Afganistán", "fr": "Afghanistan", "ja": "アフガニスタン", "it": "Afghanistan" }, "population": 26023100, "latlng": [ 33, 65 ], "demonym": "Afghan", "area": 652230, "gini": 27.8, "timezones": [ "UTC+04:30" ], "borders": [ "IRN", "PAK", "TKM", "UZB", "TJK", "CHN" ], "nativeName": "افغانستان", "callingCodes": [ "93" ], "topLevelDomain": [ ".af" ], "alpha2Code": "AF", "alpha3Code": "AFG", "currencies": [ "AFN" ], "languages": [ "ps", "uz", "tk" ]
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