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b-semantic API Documentation

Use b-semantic's API to extract and analyze web text.

The API contains endpoints for text extraction, entity extraction, similarity computing and URL recommendations based on similarity.
b-semantic is REST based, employs HTTP POST methods, and accepts JSON data types.

Use the text extraction service to extract the main text elements from a URL or HTML source code.
The entity extraction web service identifies entities.
Compare URL's, HTML Fragments or text by measuring their similarity.
Finally get recommendations based on website similarity.
IMPORTANT: This is one of the rare apis that explicitly supports the german language regarding semantic analytics!

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POSTText extraction API
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POSTRecommendation API
POSTText extraction API

This RESTful Webservice extracts the main textelements from a given URL or from HTML source code. The service will try to detect the language and to extract keywords, title, description and the main text snippet from the given input.

Header Parameters
Required Parameters
Text extraction API model
REQUIREDPass an url.
Code Snippet
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Response ExampleSchema

Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

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