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Flight delays are a common headache for travelers. Help your users avoid stressful delays by predicting them before they choose their flight. The Amadeus Flight Delay Prediction API uses machine-learning models trained on Amadeus historical flight delay data to predict whether a flight will be delayed. The API estimates four possible delay lengths: under 30min, 30-60min, 60-120min. and over 120in./cancelled.

###Create stress-free journeys
By using the Flight Delay Prediction endpoint, you can provide travelers with valuable insights during flight search and helps them:

  • Compare the likelihood of delay between two similar flights and find the one that’s right.
  • Determine the likelihood of making a flight connection when virtual interlining.

This API is been designed to make predictions about flights several months before their departure date. It does not return real-time flight status or delay information.

About Amadeus data
For over 30 years, Amadeus has been a leading IT provider for the global travel industry. Amadeus runs the world’s largest data center devoted to travel and processed over 640 million bookings and 55 petabytes of data in 2018. Using this historical data, Amadeus has trained machine-learning models and published the travel industry’s first AI-powered APIs on the Amadeus for Developers platform.

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