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flags.es Flag Counter API Documentation

Flag.es provides a visitor counting widget that shows the most recent visitors, the flags of their countries, and the names of their cities, as determined by their IP addresses. This widget can be embedded on the user's website by copying and pasting some JavaScript code. This code can be edited to alter the counter's general appearance, the information displayed, and the number of seconds that must pass before an old visitor can be counted again. The Flag.es Flag Counter uses GeoLite data provided by MaxMind.

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POSTjavascript code page
POSTjavascript code page

Javascript accessable Api at www.flags.es

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Brunnthal, 0:0:0 ago.
Brunnthal, 0:1:7 ago.
Brunnthal, 0:4:31 ago.
Brunnthal, 0:5:25 ago.
Brunnthal, 0:6:45 ago.
Brunnthal, 0:12:22 ago.
Kraków, 0:55:5 ago.
Brunnthal, 1:9:1 ago.
Brunnthal, 1:11:27 ago.
Denair, 1:29:46 ago.
Gerzen, 1:38:50 ago.
Gerzen, 1:41:12 ago.
Milwaukee, 2:54:52 ago.
Visitors: 16926

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