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Quote data not displaying in html

4 years ago

For some odd reason, everything that I want to be displaying from the AIP is other than the random quotes. Author’s and Categories are…
API was working yesterday but for some reason it’s not today. ?

BFRdev commented 4 years ago

I rewrote a part of the code and now seems to work. If the issue come up again I’ll send you an email. Thank you for your support, highly appreciated!

BFRdev commented 4 years ago

Did not get an error.
I am taking the data thats generated from the api and displaying it in the html page. Everything works, however only one quote is being displayed if there is more then one. However all the other data (Category/author) is fine. All necessary data is working in the console however, everything was working yesterday so I there must be an issue with the api Im guessing. I can send you screenshots, Im not able to in this thread

andruxnet commented 4 years ago

Hi, can you give me more information? Do you get an error?

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