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Hello from SeeSaw, a social enterprise based in South Africa - and one of your clients.

We write to you to see if, perhaps, you would be open to giving a discount to a social enterprise that is using your software to support post-hurricane rebuilding in Vietnam, following the devastating typhoon that struck there in November of last year.

We are working with the United Nations Development Programme who are using one of our android applications, Snapture. Snapture allows users to send in photos of (our own) codes to send information - such as how damaged a house is, whether it qualifies for free support etc. It is suited to the situation as it works well outdoors and is simple for reporters - with limited formal education - to use.

We use your platform ColorTag to help process the images that are taken and give them meaning. Unfortunately the cost of this is prohibitive for us.

As a social enterprise, in the developing world, helping NGOs and other worthy projects, SeeSaw does get discounts from other software providers. For instance, SeeSaw is currently part of CARTO's grants-for-good programme, and we use their product for a number of our projects in Africa. We hope that in a similar vein, ColorTag may be able to support us in our work. Please do let us know whether you would be open to this and, if you’d like more details of what we do before making a decision, please let us know!

Best wishes, David Schaub-Jones
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