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By apicloud
Updated 3 months ago
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Behold3 years ago
African American face unfortunately doesn't get detected properly.I am creating a Makeup app and inside the app I have 4 demo faces for users to test. All of them get detected properly except for the African American face. I have uploaded the face here: I have even tried photoshopping the image to include more contrast around features but it still doesn't work. Do you know what is going on here? I really need the Api to be able to detect this face. If not, I will have to find a different african american model and hopefully that will work.
apicloud2 years ago
Hi Behold guys, Unfortunately there is no machine learning algorithm that produces 100% correct results. We try to minimize global error on a large sample database and avoid overfitting, therefore false positives as well as false negatives are still possible. So, yes, using another African American face image will help to resolve this problem.
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