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Comparison Photo Request

Rapid account: Cabanatuan

Dear Face Mark Developers,
I am afraid that I am totally clueless in how to utilize this API. I desperately need your help to solve a 70 year old mystery. I have a photograph of my father in WWII. He was a prisoner of war of the Japanese and survived many horrific treatments. I also have a photograph believed to be him the day he was rescued. I need to confirm with computer accuracy that this is indeed him. I simply have run out of options to solve this if you cannot help me. He is still alive and 96 years old. I am trying to show him this report. I sincerely appreciate any help you can give me. I would love to help you promote your product by using this process to solve this.


Rapid account: Apicloud
apicloud Commented 7年前

Hi Cabanatuan,
Unfortunately computers are not that savvy in face recognition as people, so in this case human expert opinion will be more serious than computer opinion, in fact.

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