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Total pages are 333. After numPage 50, get random pages

Rapid account: Danieloiteiro
9 months ago

Total amount of pages


Parameters of my request

params: {
locationId: ‘0-EU-PT-11-06’,
locationName: ‘Lisboa, Lisboa’,
operation: ‘sale’,
numPage: ‘51’,

Outcome of my request


Works perfectly until the page 50 (inclusive) but after that each time I ask for page 51 or above I get random page results.

Rapid account: Rrtagcoders
rrtagcoders Commented 2 months ago

@apidojo I’m experiencing the same issue, i’m not sure what do you recommend by a low volume of data but i’m looking for a way to consume the data that the API through RapidAPI exposes. I expected nonetheless that the pagination was working correctly, the pages don’t match after a few consumed pages as mentioned above.
We’ve bought the max pricing plan expecting that it would work but i see that some assistance will be required to consume the data correctly without any duplicates or misleading pages

Rapid account: Apidojo
apidojo Commented 9 months ago


All of our APIs reproduce public data and features of the official site/application. They are intended to work with application having actual user interfaces. It seems like you are trying to scrape the API for data, don’t you? I think that is how Idealista deals with scrapers to protect their data. You may try again with smaller area, and loop through smaller area.


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