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Heating info in properties/list

Rapid account: 0865 Marc
3 месяца назад

I’m about to subscribe to this API but i have a question. Is it possible to get info about if a property has heating or not and/or type of heating?
I would like to do it using the property/list endpoint as i don’t have to go for every property in property/detail

Rapid account: Apidojo
apidojo Commented 3 месяца назад

Well, so the site does not return Heating info in the listing page. There is then no way to return the data in …/properties/list.


Rapid account: 0865 Marc
0865marc Commented 3 месяца назад

Sure, for example to get the heating info of this property you have to use /property/detail endpoint, because in the /property/list doesn’t appear info about the heating.

Would be nice if from /property/list you can get the heating data just as you can with other data as has_air_conditioning, has_terrace, etc…

Rapid account: Apidojo
apidojo Commented 3 месяца назад


May you confirm that the required data is available PUBLICLY on by sharing with me some links and screenshots as reference?


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