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Google API not delivering different results

3 months ago

I had a search engine built for me using the google search api i bought from rapid api, and now the search engine only starts on u search or delivers the same results from previous queries. Engine/csv_search.php

apigeek commented 3 months ago

Hello, thanks for using our service.

We don’t have access to the code for csv_search.php. However the first thing to check would be to make sure it is grabbing the correct search terms/keywords and format it in the q=search+terms for the API call.

If you can provide more insight into how the php script is coded. We might be able to offer more help.

jpcorsi commented 3 months ago

if you can speak to me in private i can give you ftp access im not a coder so i dont know where to find this code.

apigeek commented 3 months ago

Go ahead and create a new support message ( and click contact). We can talk in private there.

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