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AppsBuilder is a do it yourself platform for mobile applications development. No coding skills are needed! Trough a single building process users can create an app for iOS (iPad, iPhone/iPod), Android (Tablets & Phones) and Windows Phone. Last but not least, your app will be available for the Chrome Web Store and with a Mobile Site Html5 version.

All content is stored on Cloud, enabling real time updates.

All JSON structures can also be retrieved here:

Getting Started

This page has the purpose of providing all the required infos and a possible action list to help you start playing with out API. This should give you an idea about the standard flow of calls, but things has not to necessary be done in this order.


  • Authentication: AppsBuilder API supports both Cookies Based and HTTP Headers Based Authentication methods. Unfortunately Mashape Unirest library does not support Cookies originally; if you are planning to use it (or to avoid the use of Cookies) you have to integrate ad additional header named ‘X-AppsBuilder-Authorization’ in your calls. The endpoint /auth/connect (or /cms/connect) will return the token that has to be passed as the value of that HTTP Header.

    • Using Unirest lib, an example call on /user/getApps would result in:
Unirest::get( "" , array(
	"X-Mashape-Authorization" => "MASHAPE_KEY",
	"X-AppsBuilder-Authorization" => "519b21d641ec72.67282446"

Example list of calls

  1. Register as a new user on the CMS: /cms/register

  2. Login with your new credentials: /cms/login

  3. Create a new app: /app/createApp2

  4. Update app infos, setting a title and any other desired values: /app/updateApp/{id}

  5. Set the app layout: /layout/setLayout/{id}

  6. Set a new app content tree: /category/addAppTree/{id}

    • (Currently this is not an easy step, as you have to generate the whole app tree structure every time, even if you just wanted to add or remove a single page. We are working on an optimized API set to facilitate those tasks. For your tests feel free to use the following string.)
[{"nome":"News","img":"http:\/\/\/site\/t1362074783$img$icons$news.png","descrizione":"","layout":"list","layoutoption":{},"pageoption":{},"option":{"type":"xml","urltype":"news","url":"http:\/\/\/feed\/","img":true,"cache":false,"backbtn_for_webview":false,"pid":143697},"cell":{},"child":[]},{"nome":"Web Site","img":"http:\/\/\/site\/t1362074783$img$icons$website.png","descrizione":"","layout":"list","layoutoption":{},"pageoption":{},"option":{"type":"site","url":"http:\/\/","open":"inside","cache":false,"backbtn_for_webview":false,"pid":143700},"cell":{},"child":[]},{"nome":"Email Us","img":"http:\/\/\/site\/t1362074783$img$icons$email.png","descrizione":"","layout":"list","layoutoption":{},"pageoption":{},"option":{"type":"site","open":"outside","itype":"mail","email":"","subject":"Subject text","msg":"Message text","url":""},"cell":{},"child":[]}]
  1. Set any app style options: /style/addStyle/{id}
  2. Build the app package for a specific device: /builder/createApp/{id}/{device}
  3. Download the built package: /builder/getApp/{id}/{device}
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