Comprehensive Entity Extractor

By Ashok R. Subramanian | Updated 2 anni fa | Data

Comprehensive Entity Extractor Overview


This Named Entitiy Recognition (NER) API is brought to you by There are two API end points provided by this NER API. They are “getEntitiesfromURL” and “getEntitiesfromTEXT”. At a high level, both these end points give the list of entities from the given URL of a NEWS web page. This API works well with a NEWS web page. The entities are of PEOPLE, PLACES, THINGS, EVENTS, ORGANIZATION, CORDINAS, DATE, TIME, MONEY, and WORK_OF_ART.

More specifically, both end points ( “getEntitiesfromURL” and “getEntitiesfromTEXT”) give the following informat from the given URL as input:
1). Total_number_of_Entities
2). The TOP 5 most common Entities
3). Entities Group Aggregates. Aggregate total of each entities.
4). Total number of distinct Entities
5). Distinct Entities with Types

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