Reminders And Events NLP
By assaf.elovic
Updated 4 months ago
Reminders And Events NLP Overview
Entity extraction using AI from reminder and date/time natural language queries
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More Details is a well funded startup, building one of the smartest AI virtual assistants to date. Thanks to over 3.5M users and over 800K monthly set reminders, we've reached a state of the art model that has over 94% accuracy for any natural language queries in the reminder/date/time domain.

What’s special about our AI?

  • Recurring reminders understanding. Example: "…every monday and tuesday" / "on mondays and tuesdays" / etc
  • Relative understanding. Example: “…a week before Christmas”
  • Holiday understanding (Christian and Jewish). Example: “Clean house a few days before passover”
  • Multiple reminder understanding. Example: “take pills every morning and night for the next 5 days”
  • Overall better body and time extraction
  • Personalised time understanding. API can receive subjective time for morning, night, afternoon, etc. It will translate natural language to user specific time personalisation.

Simply send a POST request with the following params example:
{ query: "take a pill every morning and night for the next 10 days", timezone: "America/New_York" }

Response will break down all relevant entity extraction such as body: 'take a pill', recurring: true, etc.

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