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M2X API Documentation

AT&T M2X is a highly secure and scalable time-series data storage service for network connected devices and the Internet of Things.

In addition to data storage, M2X enables automatic data-driven action by monitoring streams of data in real-time and if a user-defined trigger condition is met, an event is fired.

The AT&T M2X API provides all the needed operations and methods to connect your devices to AT&T’s M2X service, and has supported client libraries for Ruby, Python, Node.js, PHP, C, and Java among many other languages, platforms, and devices (like Arduino, Spark Core, Raspberry Pi and more).

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GETList/Search Public Devices Catalog
GETList Devices
GETSearch Devices
GETList Device Tags
POSTCreate Device
PUTUpdate Device Details
GETView Device Details
GETRead Device Location
PUTUpdate Device Location
GETList Data Streams
PUTCreate/Update Data Stream
GETView Data Stream
DELETEDelete Data Stream
DELETEDelete Device
GETView Request Log
PUTUpdate Data Stream Value
GETList Data Stream Values
GETData Stream Sampling
GETData Stream Stats
GETList Values from all Data Streams of a Device
POSTSearch Values from all Data Streams of a Device
POSTPost Data Stream Values
GETExport Values from all Data Streams of a Device
DELETEDelete Data Stream Values
POSTPost Device Updates (Single Values to Multiple Streams)
POSTPost Device Updates (Multiple Values to Multiple Streams)
GETList Device Triggers
GETView Device Trigger
DELETEDelete Device Trigger
POSTCreate Device Trigger
PUTUpdate Device Trigger
GETList Collecitons
POSTCreate Collection
GETView Collection Details
PUTUpdate Collection Details
DELETEDelete Collection
GETList Keys
POSTCreate Key
GETView Key Details
PUTUpdate Key
POSTRegenerate Key
DELETEDelete Key
GETList Charts
POSTCreate Chart
GETView Chart Details
PUTUpdate Chart
DELETEDelete Chart
GETRender Chart
GETGet Time (Seconds, Milliseconds, ISO 8601)
GETGet Time (Seconds)
GETGet Time (Milliseconds)
GETGet Time (ISO 8601)
GETList Jobs
GETView Job Details
GETView Job Results
GETList/Search Public Devices Catalog

Search the catalog of public Devices. This allows unauthenticated users to search Devices from other users that have been marked as public, allowing them to read public Device metadata, locations, streams list, and view each Devices' stream metadata and its values. The catalog...

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Install SDK for (Node.js)Unirest

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